Nesting Balls
Nesting Balls

Nesting Balls

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A nesting ball is a grapevine ball filled with natural, environmentally friendly materials, and can be hung in your yard.  You will see the birds in the area landing on the ball and pulling the material out, to bring back and use to line their nests, providing a soft and fast-drying cushion for their eggs.

A note from the creators:

Our son, Kevin, is 24 years old. He has autism and limited verbal abilities. He enjoys recreation and volunteer activities. In his spare time, he makes nesting balls. Kevin has paid employment for a total of 5 hours per week at a clothing store and a local farm.

Over 85% of people with developmental disabilities are unemployed. Our family started Krafts By Kevin™ in March 2017 to help address this problem. Kevin is our first employee. Our first product is the Nest-EZ™ Nesting Ball for birds. Due to the growing popularity of bird watching, Krafts By Kevin™ has sold over 500 Nest-EZ™ Nesting Balls in the Company’s first three months!

The long term goal of Krafts By Kevin™ is to provide paid employment for individuals with and without disabilities in an integrated, disability‑friendly work environment. Thank you for supporting our mission at Krafts By Kevin™.

Cindy and John O’Connor